About this course

Industry 4.0 trends are changing and advancing. Processes like automation and information integration are transforming the working world. Devices are talking to each other and providing users with improved methods to manage their core business. 

Systems are flagging errors before they happen, allowing users to respond and manage situations with more sophistication and detail.  

This is the heart of Industry 4.0! 

The University of Tasmania is pleased to be offering an inaugural Industry 4.0 Workshop Series in the North-West Coast. The will consist of three courses that are designed to share insights on the versatility of Industry 4.0 processes, systems, technology, and expertise, to create innovative improvements to you can apply with your business. 

The course series is informed and delivered by industry and University of Tasmanian experts to provide you with an authentic practical learning experience.


Who should do this course?

The Industry 4.0 Series has been designed as a place-based, participatory learning experience for professionals and/or workplaces that are considering investing and/or engaging new technologies to meet the needs the business needs of tomorrow.

How you will learn

This course will consist of face-to-face workshops as well as an online learning to help you prepare and evolve your thinking throughout the experience. As a general guide, we recommend each course within the series will consist of an 8-hour face-to-face session and 120 minutes of online supplementary material to support your learning. 

The learning materials will include a combination of:

  • Instructive content, designed to help embellish and contextualise Industry 4.0 concepts. 
  • Video resources, designed to visualise new ideas, processes, and technologies. 
  • Interactive activities and case studies to help guide and complement your experience throughout the workshops. 

There are no formal assessments required for this course and all participants will receive an Certificate of Attendance on completion. Your access to the learning material will also remain open for 6 weeks from the scheduled date of your workshop.  

Course 1 in the series can be taken as standalone but to increase the value and impact of the learning, participants are encouraged to attend the full series.   Attendance for course 3 will require participants to have completed courses 1 & 2.  

What comes next

As part of the Industry 4.0 series we will be offering the opportunity to express an interest in “Phase 2”.

Phase 2 enables some businesses the opportunity to have John Broadbent, and a University academic partner, provide support in applying Industry 4.0 into your business. 

The expression of interest process will be shared with attendees during the November sessions.

Some of the Federal Government’s Industry Growth Facilitators will be attending the Industry 4.0 sessions to connect you directly to Government funding opportunities.