Key Information

Course Price $225
Delivery Fully Online
Course Start Always Open
Duration 30 hours

About this course

In today’s technologically driven world, almost all businesses are digital in one way or another. Whether you’re emailing within a team, managing client information, or running a fully online business, at least one aspect of a business operates online. It has never been more important to protect ourselves from cyber-attacks and breaches.

In 2019, 89% of surveyed Australian organisations reported experiencing a cyber security breach of some kind. In addition to this, many of these organisations noted that these attacks seemed to be becoming more frequent and sophisticated than ever before (Carbon Black, 2019). 

This fully online course will teach you how to be cybersafe while at home and in the workplace. You will be introduced to the tools, skills, and knowledge required to operate safely and confidently in a digital environment.  

You'll learn how to evaluate and take control of your personal security through topics such as password and account settings, online identity protection, and ensuring safe technology use across your devices.

By examining common workplace security practices, you'll learn key strategies to apply within your own team. This includes examining both physical and workstation security, understanding how to keep sensitive information secure, and how to communicate risk to your team.

This course introduces you to the correct ways of responding to cybersecurity incidents, including the foundations of data laws and responsibilities, and strategies to help minimise the impact of incidents when they occur. 

Who should do this course?

The course is designed for both community members and professionals who wish to improve their cyber safety knowledge in both the home and office. No prior experience or knowledge is required for this course. This course may be particularly useful for manager-level professionals looking to gain skills to implement a cyber safety awareness plan into their workplace.

How will you learn?

This course is fully online and self-paced, and you will have access to this course for 12 months. As a general guide, we recommend allocating 30 hours to complete this course. The learning will consist of online learning, reading resources and short videos to help guide your knowledge. There are no formal assessments and upon course completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

What you will learn

  • Gain an understanding of the tools to help boost your cyber-safety

  • Enhance your ability to operate safely online while home and at work

  • Extend your understanding of data frameworks and responsibilities

  • Learn how to recognise, respond to and report on cyber incidents and/or risks

Mikaela Seabourne

Mikaela Seabourne is an Associate Teaching Fellow within the University College at the University of Tasmania. Mikaela is an experienced cyber security and elogistics researcher who applies her area of expertise and interests into her higher education teaching within the University’s Associate Degree in Applied Technologies. Mikaela is currently completing her doctorate in designing ICT enabled behaviour change.

Nic Youl

Nic Youl is an Associate Teaching Fellow within the University College at the University of Tasmania. After completing his Bachelor majoring in software development, Nic's professional focus moved toward his passion for cybersecurity awareness and capability development through education. Nic currently coordinates 3 technical units, residing within the University's Associate Degree in Applied Technologies.