Key Information

Course Price $165
Delivery Online virtual workshops; supplementary online materials
Registrations Open
Workshop 10:30am – 12:30pm on 8, 22 March & 5, 12 April 2022

About this workshop

Industry 4.0 (or 'the 4th Industrial Revolution') is the 'smart' automation of industry through intelligent networks and connected technologies.  

This evolution is happening fast, redefining how we produce, process and prepare the things we sell in all sectors, particularly in manufacturing and agriculture.   Embracing these exciting new technologies and adopting industry 4.0 approaches will future-proof your business with richer data for better decision-making, quality-assurance at every level, and by uncovering opportunities for innovation. 

The University of Tasmania is pleased to be offering a 4-part inaugural Industry 4.0 (online) Workshop to be held across four dates 8, 12 March and 5 & 12 April 2022.  The program is designed to exchange insights on the versatility of Industry 4.0 processes, systems, technology, and expertise, to create innovative improvements that you can apply within your business.


Who should do this workshop?

The 4-part Industry 4.0 Workshop consists of an interactive online experience for professionals and/or workplaces that are considering investing and/or engaging new technologies to meet the business needs of tomorrow.

The University of Tasmania will be offering an opportunity to those engaged in the 4-part Workshop to express an interest in ‘Phase 2’. Phase 2 enables some businesses the opportunity to have John Broadbent, and a University academic partner, provide support in applying Industry 4.0 into your business.

To find out how our Tasmanian industries can benefit from the 'smart' automation of industry through intelligent networks and connected technologies?  Check out our recorded webinar, with our workshop expert.  

Your workshop experience

Hear from our industry expert on how Industry 4.0 infrastructure can elevate your way of working, as well as how our academic partners across Sense-T and the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (and others) can contribute to your industry 4.0 technology journey.  

As a general guide,  the program will consist of 8 hours of online activity combined with (minimal) online supplementary material to support your effective engagement. 

The materials will include a combination of:

    Instructive content, designed to help embellish and contextualise Industry 4.0 concepts. 

    A ‘white paper’ to help with further understanding and application of the workshop content.

Interactive activities and case studies will be provided to help guide and complement your program experience. Your access to the supplementary online materials will become available by 1 March 2022, and remain open for up to six weeks from the date you register. 

What you will cover

Across the four-part workshop, you will be guided by our industry experts to explore collaboratively the following topics:

Workshop 1 - Introduction to Industry 4.0

    Why do it?

    What needs to change?

    Setting the scene

    What others have done (use cases)

Workshop 2 - A Deeper Dive into Digital Transformation

    Smart Factories

    Smart Farming

    Machine Learning, AI & Big Data

    Are You Ready? (Self-assessment)

Workshop 3 - Getting The Rubber to Hit The Road

    Secret Sauce

    Data Stewardship

    Importance of Leadership

    Creating a team

    Technical Approaches

Workshop 4 - What Others Have Done

    Local Capabilities

    Local Heroes

    Vendor Platforms That Work

    Closing The Loop

*The workshop and webinar are informed and delivered by industry and University of Tasmania experts to provide you with an authentic practical workshop experience.

Meet your instructor

John Broadbent

John has 45 years’ experience in manufacturing, starting his journey in Dec 1975. The last 20 years have been dedicated to helping manufacturers of all sizes utilise smart factory concepts, so he’s seen first-hand the positive change these investments have made, both on profitability, longevity, sustainability and culture. In more recent times he’s become somewhat of an Industry 4.0 evangelist, and his passion, experience and strategic approach are valued by manufacturers across various sectors. John also presents educational keynotes and workshop to companies, industry bodies and educational institutions such as universities.